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"Today's problems cannot be solved if we still think the way we thought when we created them." (Albert Einstein)
Capitalising on the opportunity of a Lifetime
The transition to a sustainable society is not only necessary, it is also the greatest business opportunity in a generation. Green April offers a new spring, a fresh start. We help companies identify opportunities, get green business ideas off the ground and move into a profitable yet sustainable future. But our belief that profit and a clean planet can go hand in hand, doesn’t mean we’re naive. We always have both feet on the ground and our eyes on the bottom line.
(Sustainable) Strategy
How to deal with transformation? How to respond to new opportunities? Many sectors are facing major changes as a result of the transition to a more sustainable economy. These changes are in full swing in the energy sector, the food supply chain, construction and mobility, among others. We help organizations to steer the right course in this rapidly changing world.
Cleantech & Renewable Energy
Getting clean energy projects off the ground is what we do best. We have a long track record of and experience in picking the right technologies, building solid business cases, securing subsidies and tax breaks, and attracting private financing. We also provide project supervision and project management in all its facets, from tendering to turn-key delivery. 
CSR strategy & (GRI 4.0) reporting
An active CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy is now a basic requirement for any serious company. Done right, it’s a huge - and often missed - opportunity to strengthen your brand and profile. We help clients develop a CSR policy which is an integral part of their overall strategy, not a lackluster appendix. We also help our clients build a robust but honest CSR communication strategy and can guide them through the maze of GRI 4.0 reporting and other guidelines. 
Project & Corporate Finance
Getting finance is tough for any project, but it can be especially hard to convince financiers of the merits of green energy projects they are relatively unfamiliar with. It takes deep expertise and skilled communication to bridge that gap and we have proven that we can do just that. Our strengths lie in three fields.
  • Project finance for renewable energy projects: We model and structure the business and project financing case and support you in discussions with financiers.
  • Corporate finance for renewable energy projects: We provide a clear financial business case and guidance in attracting both equity and loans.
  • Setting up Energy Savings Companies (ESCOs) and similar structures: We design the right financial structure to attract capital for energy-saving measures. We do this by paying investors part of the proceeds of the energy savings their investments generate. 
Why Green April

There are several things that make Green April tick. First of all, our partners combine in-depth knowledge of Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Green Business Development with decades of experience in Finance, Strategy Consulting and Strategic Communication. We are also driven by the conviction that a green transformation is both crucial and inescapable and will change every aspect of how companies do business. 
Our commitment and track record makes us the right choice to translate sustainability into solid business cases for our clients. Our extensive experience with consulting at boardroom level is an asset. We know how organizations think and act. This doesn’t mean that we always see things the same way. But we do know how to build trusted relationships with company leaders. We do know to break old molds and turn the mood from fear to excitement. 
Doing this, we’ve helped many companies to see sustainability not as a threat or a burden, but as a unique chance to underpin long-term profitability, from better operational efficiency and new products and services to a stronger company brand and reputation. 
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